Cutthroat Leaders

Cutthroat leaders have zero memory, therefore they create a much more natural drift compared to other leader material. Never have wind knot issues again and they also have built in stretch, allowing use of a very small tippet. They create casts with no over spray and they deliver the fly perfectly.

Featured Products

  • Cutthroat Dry Fly Leader

    This leader is a must for enhancing your dry fly presentations.

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  • Cutthroat Nymph Leaders

    Nylon Leader for turning heavier flies with ease.

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  • Cutthroat Spey Leaders

    These leaders have all the great advantages of our standard spey leaders, great stick, amazing ability to turn lover extremely long tippets, tippet protection, etc, plus an amazing breaking strength. These leaders are durable and will last. Your tippet will break well before this leader does.

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